PoultrySoft – Turning the Poultry chain upside down!

For the integrated companies: turns the poultry chain upside down or plans and manages from Fork to Farm

Normally, the poultry chain (see the schedule below) is subject to forward planning. Eggs from the breeder are received at the hatchery, where they are incubated and hatched as day-old chicks after 21 days.

The day-old chicks are transported to the broiler farmer, who rears them until they are taken to the slaughterhouse, where they are processed into products to be supplied to supermarkets, catering businesses, etc. They subsequently sell them to the consumer.

PoultrySoft revolutionises the poultry chain! We look at what needs to be delivered to supermarkets and catering businesses, etc. On that basis, PoultrySoft schedules back to the broiler farmer, via the hatchery to the breeder.
This means the finished broilers are geared to the end products, creating maximum value. Naturally, it is also possible to schedule the chain in a traditional manner. The software is modular, which means it can be used for part of the entire poultry chain. In other words, this is the ultimate poultry software.

Our Solutions

PoultrySoft is a planning’s- and registration application especially designed for broiler chain. With our software PS OptiHatch and PS OptiSlaughter, we are the partner for the hatcheries, slaughterhouses and full integrations within this segment.

Our software is made by planners for planners and we are proud of the fact that there is are almost 200 years of knowledge and experience about the Poultry market in our company where our customers will also benefit from!

About 85 % of the Dutch Poultry market is already using our software.

Our software is modular. With different building blocks we can build a application that meets the wishes and requirements.